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Where ever you go,go with all your        heart”  – confucius

தமிழ்: The language has always been a burden during my school days.Laddu la and தமிழ் la was all not easy to comprehend.As time flew,the irksome days of La s and Na s are gone.
Today,I have found a new love,a beginning,a new chapter in my life-in the least expected place of all – தமிழ். Funny,How time changes everything.

So,Why such a peculiar name for a தமிழ் blog?  In sangam தமிழ்,  ‘MAYA’ means something that doesn’t perish, and ‘MALIMI’ is a bond that is made in youth.You can connect the dots now.

MAYA MALIMI, a BONDING for a lifetime and more.

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The Quixotic Unknown #16

There may be

some questions 


Words unsaid

Maybe just maybe

That is the way

It’s meant to be;

Deep inside or

Hidden on the plain sight

The answers be;

And it’s completely okay

At times

To not to slove equations

To not to find answers

Just let the way

The things are meant to be;

It’s the best in a way, either way

To be unanswered,unspoken

Unheard,and unsaid;

Maybe just Maybe

It is the alluring fragrance 

Of the quixotic unknown 

Driving us crazy.

தமிழ் connection #21

பூக்களை மொய்க்கும் வண்டு

அவள் மேனி கசக்கி,

பசி ஆற்றி கொண்டது 

தேனை உண்டு.

இது, பூவின் தவறா?

 வண்டின் தவறா?

இல்லை தூன்டாத ஒருத்தியை

தூன்டல் காட்டி 

விளக்கி வைப்பவர்களின் 


நிர்கதியில் தவிப்பவள் அவள்

ஊக்கத்திர்காக ஏங்குகிறாள்

நாமோ தூய்மை அற்றவள்

என சபிக்கிரோம்.

ஒரு பெண்னின் வாழ்கையை 

சிதைத்து விட்டு

சுதந்திரமாய் நடப்பவன்

தவர் அற்றவன் ஆனபோது;

வாழ தெரியாமல்

சாகவும் தெரியாமல்

இரண்டுக்கும் நடுவே தத்தலிக்கும்


ஒதுக்கி வைப்பது எவ்வித்தில் சரியாகும்? 

#STOP Victim Blaming.

Put the responsibility where it belongs.

In English #13

I’m deaf to all,

Coz I’m all ears to you.

I’m blind to all,

Coz all I see is you.

I’m dumb to all,

Coz all I say is you.

What happened to me? 

People wondered; 

You happened, is all that I am aware of.

You,a lullaby to my restive night.

You,a daring pseudonom to my timorous fight.

You,the bloodline of my life,

Or so I thought,

Till it hit me,

All my life is one bitter lie!

Sunshine Blogger Award!

An Avid Photographer,Clear Fighter,and a Skillful Writer,Humanshi Shukla, thank you for nominating me for the SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD.This is my very first nomination and am elated about it.🤗😇


1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2.Answer their 11 questions.

3.Put up your 11 questions and nominate 11 others.

4.List the rules.

Q&A time.

1.What inspires you?

 Time.With every passing minute,With every passing second,there is something constantly evolving,beautiful and awful,at the same time.Time is something that is hard to comprehend,on which we have no control over,yet we bow before it since like forever.The sheer dominance it holds on our entire, millions of years of evolution,is awe-inspiring!

2.Who is your favorite YouTube star?

Kenny Sebastian.The name says all.😎

3.If you were to be an animal, which one would you prefer?

Animal!?🤔 💡

http://animalinyou.com/quiz’.I just took the test.I am a swan,Not bad huh!

4.What is your one secret hobby?

Secret and Girls!I strongly believe Dharmaraj Yudhisthirar’s curse on womanhood is still intact! I am not good with secrets per se,let alone a secret hobby 😅

5.Which song is your favorite?

Currently,it is “Saarattu Vandiyila” from Kaatru Veliyidai.

6.What is success to you?

Success is which that bring tears to your eyes.Happy Tears is all you get when your sincere efforts triumph jubliently.

7.What makes you happy instantly?

Put your hand on your chest and Listen! Feel your heart beat.You are alive.You are here NOW! That mere feeling of life fullness is an ecstacy to me.

8.Can you make any dish, all by yourself?

Yes,I can cook regular South Indian Dishes.

9.What has been your worst experience so far?

Getting into any embarrassing situation is a worse experience for me.I have had my share.But I wouldn’t call it worse.All were bad.

10. Whom do you love the most?

My Family.

11.Soft drinks or tea/coffee?

Neither.I rather choose fresh juice and milk over soft drinks or tea/coffee.Infact,All my life,I haven’t tried tea or coffee.Wrong person to ask.🙄

MY Questions:

1.What is happiness to you? 

2.Who is your favourite person? 

3.Would you rather fly or be invisible?Why?

4.Do you have Pets? 

5.If not here,In which country would you like to be born?

6.Do you consider the epics of Mahabharata to be a historical narrative or a piece of fiction? 

7.Who is your favourite writer? 

8.How did your love for blogging started? (Few Lines)

9.If encountered with aliens,What is the first question you want to ask them?

10.Your favourite serials? 

11.Your feedback on my blog.Is there something on which I should focus improving? 

Nominations(In no particular order)

Prabaharan thodith sembaiyan


Vala Hitesh


Tamil Iniyan

Jeni G.J