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Where ever you go,go with all your        heart”  – confucius

தமிழ்: The language has always been a burden during my school days.Laddu la and தமிழ் la was all not easy to comprehend.As time flew,the irksome days of La s and Na s are gone.
Today,I have found a new love,a beginning,a new chapter in my life-in the least expected place of all – தமிழ். Funny,How time changes everything.

So,Why such a peculiar name for a தமிழ் blog?  In sangam தமிழ்,  ‘MAYA’ means something that doesn’t perish, and ‘MALIMI’ is a bond that is made in youth.You can connect the dots now.

MAYA MALIMI, a BONDING for a lifetime and more.

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தமிழ் connection #26

முகம் மூடி மூடி ஒளித்துக்கொண்டாள்

பெண் அன்று.

இன்றோ முகமூடி

பால் பார்ப்பது இல்லை;

ஆணோ பெண்ணோ

உணர்ச்சிகளை தன் இதயம்

எண்ணும் சிறையினுள்

அடைத்து தான் வாழ்கிறார்கள்


In english #32

The kite flies
In its destined path – only
So long as it’s attached
To its strings.

The string of assiduity,
Keeps it afloat;
The string of aspiration,
Pushes it forward;
The string of perspicuity,
Forbids from remission
In the times of squalls.

When a kite exhibits
Such sagacity
What is your
Modus Vivendi?

In english #30

What was lost
Was never meant
To be found.

There he stood
Evaluating his
Hearts claim.

the territory is not
mine anymore
To proclaim.

Frozen trails
Smudgy eyes
Reminds me
Of the difficult times.

A second glance
Before his first step

No second thoughts
Before my step

Familiar voice
Calls my name;
I ran, I ran
Far away;

Where the mountains
echoed his name.
My only solace
When I saw the ring
On his hand today.

What was lost
Was never meant
To be found
Or so it should stay.

தமிழ் connections #25

கூண்டை உடைத்து
பறந்து செல்ல
இதயம் துடிக்குதே


யாரும் வேண்டாமென்று
சாத்திய வீட்டில்
ஜன்னல் திறந்ததே


விரும்பி அணைத்த
தனிமை இன்று
வெறுமை ஆனதே


காரிருள் மேகம்
நீரை கொற்றி
வெண்மை ஆனதால்..

In english #29

Swimming in insecurities
Running from responsibilities
Bribing the time to stop
The way ahead is a throny path.

Uncertainty of the inevitable
Screaming down the spine
Monsters in the distant passage
Smirking at the start line.

Fight or Flight
A choice be made;
Flight,a smooth discretion
Fight,a strenous endeavour.

Days run into nights
Quietly contemplating
In the indecisive phase
Oblivious of the future at stake.

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