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Where ever you go,go with all your        heart”  – confucius

தமிழ்: The language has always been a burden during my school days.Laddu la and தமிழ் la was all not easy to comprehend.As time flew,the irksome days of La s and Na s are gone.
Today,I have found a new love,a beginning,a new chapter in my life-in the least expected place of all – தமிழ். Funny,How time changes everything.

So,Why such a peculiar name for a தமிழ் blog?  In sangam தமிழ்,  ‘MAYA’ means something that doesn’t perish, and ‘MALIMI’ is a bond that is made in youth.You can connect the dots now.

MAYA MALIMI, a BONDING for a lifetime and more.

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தமிழ் connections #25

கூண்டை உடைத்து
பறந்து செல்ல
இதயம் துடிக்குதே


யாரும் வேண்டாமென்று
சாத்திய வீட்டில்
ஜன்னல் திறந்ததே


விரும்பி அணைத்த
தனிமை இன்று
வெறுமை ஆனதே


காரிருள் மேகம்
நீரை கொற்றி
வெண்மை ஆனதால்..

In english #29

Swimming in insecurities
Running from responsibilities
Bribing the time to stop
The way ahead is a throny path.

Uncertainty of the inevitable
Screaming down the spine
Monsters in the distant passage
Smirking at the start line.

Fight or Flight
A choice be made;
Flight,a smooth discretion
Fight,a strenous endeavour.

Days run into nights
Quietly contemplating
In the indecisive phase
Oblivious of the future at stake.