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Where ever you go,go with all your        heart”  – confucius

தமிழ்: The language has always been a burden during my school days.Laddu la and தமிழ் la was all not easy to comprehend.As time flew,the irksome days of La s and Na s are gone.
Today,I have found a new love,a beginning,a new chapter in my life-in the least expected place of all – தமிழ். Funny,How time changes everything.

So,Why such a peculiar name for a தமிழ் blog?  In sangam தமிழ்,  ‘MAYA’ means something that doesn’t perish, and ‘MALIMI’ is a bond that is made in youth.You can connect the dots now.

MAYA MALIMI, a BONDING for a lifetime and more.

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தமிழ் connections #23

நீ உயிர் கொடுத்த வார்த்தைகள் உனதில்லை என்றான்.

நீ உறவு கொண்டாடுவதையும் போதும் என நிறுத்தி விட்டான்.

நேரம் காலம் பார்க்காமல்
பூவைப் போல் தாங்கினாய்,

நீ யாரோ போல் வீசிவிட்டான்
உன் முதுமையிலே

அந்த எட்டு வயது சிறுவன்
அவன் எழுதுகோலை குப்பையிலே.

Cries and Hues #20

Closing the curtain screens

Shunning yourself in 

Is not the answer for all your cries.

Come out,at times;

Feel the vibrantly alive 

Universe around you;

Enjoy the breezy wind 

Chilling your spine;

Watch the brids fly high 

In the sky, crossing the horizon 

Reaching the land of dreams;

Look at the star rich sky 

That soothes your soul 

With it’s florid settlement.

Feel it.Feel the life within you.

In the nuke and corner of the open sky

Your answers may lie;

Unless you look up,

Your answers are your cries.

Child Labour~ #17

I found my long lost diary a few days back.The diary where I would keep all my poem collections in my school days.So,here is one of my favorites…As a way of thanking my younger-self for choosing to write. 🖤

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Labour,Child Labour 

It is their childhood

We make them to carry wood

It is their childhood

We are so cruel and brute.

All they could do 

Is to obey master’s orders;

Some may ask to go to the grocerer

Some may to the baker

But even to the butcher.

They may hate

It’s their fate.

Will they get enough food and dress?

Will they see a world of fun?

Will any parent make them free from stress?

Will they get any basic education?

Will the country be free of child labour?

For all these queries,

The answer is No,No ,and No.

Unless we collaborate

And raise our voice

Child Labour will be our clear foe.

There are millions of stars 

Hidden in the clouds

Let’s​ bring them out

Not only to twinkle,but 

To shine in their dark life

As a bright diamond.

Let’s free the world 

Let’s free the child

If not we,then who? 

Child Labour is a henious crime.It should be eradicated in no time.