In English -6

The skies roaring with thunder

A meager raindrop,

To the earth,it surrender

Not conceding it’s defeat

But to engender,

Zeal,Faith and Hope.

Even if the earth fumes,

Thy entirety,it consumes;

Even if the scorching sun

Burns thy skin;

Even if all your bones,

nerves and muscles

Scream for miracles;

Hold on, mìn raindrop;

To Faith,Zeal and Hope,

Thou persevere.

Alas! Thou rise again

To the Adobe of peace

Serene earth,under thy feet;

For a laudable intend,

The propitious end.

 But, remember this

mìn raindrop,

Thou shall fall again

Greater than before;

Do not ever fail to rise,

Never say nevermore;

Even when you have

Nothing to endure

Even when you have 

To kiss adieu to your soul;

Hold on,mìn friend

Hope,a single word

Can change your world.


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