In english #7

How! What! Why!

I wonder

The magic of a four letter word

You surrender.

With memories on shoulder 

We bid good bye in brief

My festering soul  moulders

In grief.

That four letter word


Changed our world;

For times unsaid

Till it’s marked 

on our grave.

This is the story of us

From friends forever

To strangers again!

Eyes bled sans my yes

You said.

Did you not hear my heart’s cry

Sans your ply.

It’s going to be hard for me

You said.

Did you fail to notice 

It’s not me and  us instead.

I’m friendzoned 

You said.

Did you not realise

Our friendship to me was

So genuine and pious.

Why does it have to end this way?

A heavy price to pay.

Why did you let it!

Or am I to blame?

The decisions should have been ours

And you made it yours,yours alone.

Does unfriending in social apps

Or clearing chats

Can unmake the memories made?

When you can be selfish enough to let our friendship die then I can be selfless enough to let go!

For the love of you 

even thousand times over 

For you made me realise

Forever can also be over.


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